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I, Puja, and my Partner-in-crime Chinmay, are stalking you from far behind this blog, like Right now!!

Aww…Just kidding!! Don’t get all panicky now :D

Breathe, calm down a bit, settle down & keep reading to know all about our story, Dear stranger!!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy!

This quote by Paulo Coelho is my favorite of all. I really believe in doing things that make me feel content & happy. Be it my personal or my professional life, as long as I am doing something that I actually love & thoroughly enjoy, I really don’t mind the other aspects of it!!!

We are originally from the Incredible and ever enchanting country of India, we are currently working as expats and residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – the city of contrast and diversity.

We have been together for last 9 years. After couple years of courtship, we got married. We have fallen in love with our marriage for the better part of 7 years now. Both, Software engineers by Profession and Travellers by Passion, are always eager to set sail to unchartered territories. 

When two people, who are different in all aspects imaginable, find something both are equally passionate about then nothing could stop them (those rare moments, you know!). It took us some time, but eventually, we discovered our passion for TRAVEL & FOOD!! Yeah, we both are gypsies and foodies at heart. 

3 year ago, just before the global pandemic hit, we were presented with a wonderful opportunity that landed us here in the amazingly beautiful country of Malaysia. we took it as a sign and set out on this adventure and it has been hell of an experience!!!

In the beginning, we did struggle a lot with adjusting to a new place, culture, and lifestyle, but It’s been almost 3 years since we first moved here, and I must admit that we both have totally fallen in love with this beautiful gem of a country already.

Malaysia turned out to be just the perfect country for us given our love for travelling to places, trying new cuisines, learning about new cultures, and exploring the unknown. So, we have been pursuing this passion & experiencing adventures together ever since.

In these past years, we have learned (still learning) a lot of amazing things while living here as first-time expats and exploring this amazing country, and we are here to share those experiences and tips with you people through our blogs.


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