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2020 VISA Free Exotic Destinations for Indian Tourists

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Looking for visa free foreign destinations from India in 2019? Then you must go on, we've listed down many exotic places with beaches, coral reefs, wildlife, skyscrapers and many more at a budget price.


Bali | Indonesia

Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as cliff side Uluwatu Temple. To the south, the beach side city of Kuta has lively bars, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats.

BALI provides FREE ENTRY for Indian Travelers for a Max. of 30 days stay.

Things You Should Remember

  • A Free Entry Stamp CANNOT be extended.

  • Passport must always be valid 6 months from day of arrival. No exceptions.

  • Keep a page on passport empty for stamp or visa sticker.

  • In case you overstayed, it's not the end of the world. For each day you overstay you will have to pay a penalty of IDR 300,000Rp(approx. 1500 INR) per day, (government might raise it to 1,000,000 soon). Up to 3 days is usually no problem and happens quite frequently. you will simply pay the fee at the immigration counter without getting hassled


Day of arrival counts as day one, day of departure counts as full day.(Even if you leave or arrive 5 minutes after midnight, that "new" day will be counted as a full day. )

What to do Once you Land at BALI Airport

  • It's not a bad idea to move reasonably quick towards the arrival hall and maybe go to toilet after the immigration check.

  • Keep your passports ready (6 months valid, enough space for the sticker).

  • Fill in Tax Card ready (stewardess will give them to you or pick one up in the arrival hall).

  • Queue directly at the immigration counters as Indian Tourists do not need Visa on Arrival.

  • At Immigration counters line up according to the appropriate signs (Internat. passports, Indonesian etc).

  • No more Fast Track Service available!

  • When you have passed through immigration go towards the conveyor belt (check the number on TV screens according to your flight number.

  • Grab a trolley and collect your luggage. There are porters around that can assist you. They will get your luggage, escort you to your car, taxi or pick up service and help you load the vehicle.

  • Go through customs towards the exit sign and give them the tax card. You will only need ONE for PER family. Make sure you do not bring more then IDR 100,000,000 (approx. 5 Lakhs INR) and of drugs otherwise you could end up enjoying an all-inclusive holiday in Bali's Kerobokan prison for a very long time.

  • You will have to put all your luggage and hand luggage through a scanner. There are official money changers (rates are OK) just when you get out, and an ATM machine. You might need some Indonesian Rupiahs to pay the taxi. Best to get it right here.

  • If you have not yet arranged a pick-up, no problems, walk towards the TAXI SERVICE counter. If you have arranged a pick up and you can't find your name, don't give up. The driver might just be sitting on the floor checking his SMS or playing a game.

Places to Visit: April to June or September

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The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. It’s known for its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs. The capital, Malé, has a busy fish market, restaurants and shops on the main road, Majeedhee Magu, and 17th-century Hukuru Miskiy (also known as Friday Mosque) made of carved white coral.

Should possess a valid passport with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and should have at least 6 months validity.

Have a valid ticket to continue the journey out of Maldives.

Have enough funds to cover the expenses for duration of the stay in Maldives. (Approx. 7000 INR + 3500 INR per day) or a confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: December to March

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Mauritius, an archipelago sits on India Ocean, around 200 km east of Madagascar, attracts worldwide tourists for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The Rodrigues Island, and the Agalega and Cargados Garayos islands also plays a major part in Mauritius tourism.

Indian Citizens do not need a visa to enter Mauritius

BEST TIME TO VISIT: May to December

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Looking out for something other than sea beaches, Ok, Here is Qatar, It brings cosmopolitan sophistication, gives an opportunity to have a rich experience with its futuristic skyscrapers, ultramodern architectures, new experiences and adventures. Qatar is a country located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

Qatar is the most open country in the middle east and Nationals of India can obtain on-arrival tourist visa and spend up to 30 days in Qatar (not extendable).


Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date.

Confirmed Return ticket.

Confirmed Hotel reservation for the passenger.

Applicant must be in possession of a valid credit or debit card. (Mandatory to present a valid credit or debit card in the name of the traveler, in case of travelling with family, the family head should have a card with his name).

BEST TIME TO VISIT: November to Early April

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