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H1-B VISA Fees for Fiscal 2019-2020

H1B petition filing involves a set of fees that every employer has to pay. Not all of this applies to every petition filed, it varies by the company size and the other factors as explained below. Here is the breakdown of the fee:

Standard (Basic Filing) Fee: The standard (basic) H-1B filing fee is $460 for the I-129 petition. This H-1B visa fee is also applicable to transfers, refiling, amendments, and renewals. Essentially, this fee is due any time that an I-129 is filed.

ACWIA (Training) Fee: For employers who have between 1-25 full-time workers, the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act fee is $750. For employers with 26 or more full-time employees, the fee is $1,500. Some organizations are exempt from this training fee including non-profits with affiliations to educational institutions, governmental research organizations, primary/secondary educational institutions, etc.

Fraud Prevention & Detection Fee: This $500 fee is applicable to new H-1B petitioners or those changing employers. It exists to help the USCIS ferret out those who plan to use this visa fraudulently.  This H-1B visa fee is not required for extensions with the same sponsoring employer.

Public Law 114-113 Fee: This H-1B visa fee is applicable to companies that have upwards of 50 employees with over half on H-1B or L1 status. The additional fee for these companies is $4,000.

Optional Fees: Premium processing is an option available to those who want to expedite the H-1B visa process. This service is offered by the Department of Homeland Security and guarantees a 15-day processing time frame. In order to use this feature, you must complete form I-907 along with the $1,225 fee. Again, this is one of the optional visa fees. Another optional expense is if family members apply to be H4 dependents of the applicant by filling out form DS-160.

Attorney Fees (vary): H-1B attorney fees can vary tremendously. We offer a flat fee for our services.

In summary, depending on the size of the company, the H1B filing fee can vary anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD (Approx. 1,13,880 to 5,26,698 INR) + the Attorney fee( if any).

**While the above Fees are as per the latest announcement of USCIS, it is always wise to be on all ears for any USCIS announcements and consult with right authority before going for H1B filing.

Who will Pay 2019-2020 H1-B VISA Fees?

The below table will clarify yours confusion regarding this topic.

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